The Fashion League

By The Art Institute of Seattle 2014 Fashion Show (other events)

Thursday, March 6 2014 7:15 PM 9:30 PM PST

The Fashion League is the 2014 showcase of the talents of students from the Art Institute of Seattle (AIS). From work wear to red carpet glamour, the fashion show will present 10 different “style tribes” that highlight trends from spring and fall. Students collaborate from all departments to present collections that invite each spectator to create their own look. It is because of the individuality of the AIS community that this show stands in a league of its own.

Since 1995, AIS has hosted the largest student-run fashion show in the Pacific Northwest. The event provides students from all degree programs the opportunity to implement and present their skills and creativity while building lasting and collaborative relationships. Students practice and develop valuable competencies, including project management, leadership, and long-term planning and organization, through executing a quality, staged event. The annual fashion show also allows AIS students to foster relationships within the professional community and educate prospective undergraduates on the quality and value of its programs.

The Art Institute of Seattle 2014 Fashion Show